Q & A about NRG

Q.How many pupils and staff are there at NRG?

A.See the following chart: (as of August,2005)

1st yr. 6
2nd 3
3rd 0
Subtotal 9
Kindergarten 3yr. old 5
4 7
5 12
Subtotal 24
Primary 1st gr. 10
2nd 8
3rd 5
4th 4
5th 4
6th 0
Subtotal 31
0yr. old 4
1 4
2 10
3 1
4 0
5 2
Subtotal 21


Number of staff
Teachers 28
Office staff 12
Part-time teachers & staff 19
Total 59

Q.Why is NRG a private school?

A.NRG is the only private school among 106 schools for hearing-impaired children in Japan. The number of the pupils at NRG is very small unlike other private schools. This makes its financial situation very difficult. Before World War II, most schools for the deaf were private as charitable works. After the war, these schools were transferred into public schools due to financial difficulties and also for the purpose of promoting the spread of education for the hearing-impaired. However, NRG has remained a private school to pursue education based on Christian faith and coherent principles and ideals of its own. The auditory-oral method of education for the hearing-impaired is less likely to produce immediate noticeable success. It is necessary to take time on examining and evaluating so that the method will promote comprehensive development of the individual's personality.

Q.How is the financial situation of NRG?

A.One big reason for the difficult financial situation of NRG is the high ratio of the numbers between pupils and teachers. Generally, private schools cover most of their finances with school fees, while NRG has difficulty in carrying on its administration with the tuition, as the number of the pupils is very small. However, if the tuition is raised, fewer children would be able to receive education here. Additionally, for the sake of the effective practice of the auditory-oral way of education, NRG provides various audiological services using technological equipment such as hearing assessment, hearing-aid fitting, infra-red group hearing-aid installation, and many others. Funds are necessary for such equipment.

It is hard to overstate the importance of spiritual and matrerial assistance from individuals, churches, Christian schools, companies or enterprises both at home and abroad so that NRG is able to keep advancing its education for the hearing-impaired through the auditory-oral approach.

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