Characteristics of Education of NRG

According to the request of the National Personnel Authority, NRG accepts several young candidates who are government officials and has them experience our school life as volunteers for a short time. These persons hail from the Ministries of Agriculture & Fisheries, Construction, the Environmental Agency and others. The following are some excerpts from the reports they sent us after their training.

What I was impressed with most at NRG was the cheerfulness of the children. I thought they would have some kind of sufferings, complex, or pains far more than I can imagine. While I was at the school, I often wondered, "Why are they so cheerful?" Finishing my one week of training, I think I am finding my answer. It is that their whole being is loved by the people who come in contact with them. Teachers always send them the message "It is you yourself that has meaning. Your are wonderful not because you can do something but because your existence itself is precious and irreplaceable." Children certainly receive this message. (An Environmental Agency official)

While I was at schoo, I never felt any sense that a pupil was being unnecessarily forced to do things. Judging from the friendly and innocent looks of the pupils, I think they can be frank and open their hearts to other people. I think I was given energy to live and was taught many things by them, far more than what I did for them. (A Defence Agency official)

Finishing the training, all of the four trainees had the same impression that we would like to have children. Frankly speaking, before the training I had thought that if we had handicapped children, they would be burdens and might change our lives for the worse. In other words, I had negative images of the handicapped. However, my experience of NRG school life for one week convinced me that even if I had a handicapped baby, I could raise the child to be a loving and bright child supported by other people. In whatever condition babies are born, if we accept them unconditionally and raise them in the same way as we do ordinary children, this might help to improve the current situation of an ever decreasing birthrate in Japan.

(An Environment Agency official)

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