Characteristics of Education of NRG
4.Integration into ordinary schools

Generally speaking, an ordinary child grows both in mind and in vocabulary while jostling among his peers who have various characters. With a view that hearing-impaired children are able to grow among their peers who have normal hearing, NRG integrates children into ordinary schools. Preparations are made deliberately by considering the children's present situation, their prospects, and their parents' opinions. When the children are considered to have developed a sufficient capacity for integration both linguistically and socially, they are sent to ordinary schools. The time of integration depends on the children's capacity, whether at kindergarten, at primary, or at junior high school. There are some who are recommended to be educated at NRG till they finish junior high. Also, NRG has a system to support children who have been integrated.

Education exchange program

NRG has an education exchange program in which kindergarten children are taken by kindergarten teachers to visit ordinary kindergartens twice a week. At primary school and junior high school, pupils have opportunities to share activities with pupils of ordinary schools by visiting them or inviting them, an activity which produces good results.

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Characteristics of Education of NRG
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