Characteristics of Education of NRG
Department of Audiology focusing on developing possibilities of children's residual hearing

NRG is the only school for the hearing-impaired in Japan which has an audiology department with specialistis among its staff. They provide hearing assessment, hearing-aid fitting, checking of inflared classroom amplification systems and other various audiological services to support the educational programs.

The staff emphasize amplifying children's residual hearing. Medically, total loss of hearing is scarecely found. Thus, a deaf child means a child who has "hearing limitations" rather than "an inability to hear". Ordinary children learn language naturally through communicating in their everytday life experiences. Even though children have hearing difficulties, they have the ability to gain language like ordinary children. Although it is not easy, it is possible for hearing-impaired children to learn language and to let their personality grow through inter-personal relationships with the help of hearing-aids or cochlear implants.

Remarkable progress in medical science and electro-technology has made it posssible for new-born babies to receive screening tests for hearing and diagnosis. The use of hearing-aids or cochlear implants at an early age is coming to be systematized.

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Characteristics of Education of NRG
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