NRG is located on the top of the Nozuta Hill which is in the eastern part of the Tama Hills in the suburbs of Machida City. Around NRG, greenery is so abundant as to make us forget that it is in Tokyo. On clear days in winter, NRG has a fine view of Mt. Fuji covered with snow beyond the Tanzawa mountains.

NRG is the only private Christian school for hearing-impaired children in Japan, while there are 106 public schools for such children. It is a small school of about eighty children but has a long history of more thatn eighty years.

The day's schedule begins with the staff's morning worship service at 8:30 a.m. On coming to school, the children say to their teachers, "Good morning!" as clearly as ordinary children do. Those who visit NRG are surprised to hear their cheerful voices and see their friendly smile. The children are encouraged to learn communication not by signing but by hearing and speaking aloud.

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