How unhappy parents are when they are told that their child is deaf! Many fall into extreme despair. They are at a loss as to what to do, and some even think of ending their own lives together with their child. They are no longer able to raise the child as cheerfully as they once did. Without taking these stark realities into account, NRG cannot implement or carry out education for the hearing-impaired.

However, everyone who visits NRG recognizes that at NRG, both children and parents are bright, gentle and strong, and wonders how the seriousness of hearing-impairment and the suffering of parents could have been so eliminated. A trainee from the Ministry of Health and Welfare has written his impressions as follows: ' NRG children are fine and cheerful, contrary to what I expected. Are they too young to realize how serious hearing-impairment is? No, they are not. They are clearly aware of their handicap. I found that they have a strong will to overcome their handicap by themselves.'

Where do their cheerfulness and strength come from? It is because NRG was founded by a couple whose beloved daughter was hearing-impaired, and has been continued by the people who accepted such disabilities as their own.

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